Posted by: George Kimani | November 20, 2015

Dear Singles!| George Kimani

We are in a world where the kind of car he drives, the places he hangs out, how curvy she is or the kind of car she drives are top on the list when  considering someone to date. The glorification of materialism is affecting the way we love.

One wonders what happened to the old way of looking at the character first and the connecting of hearts before anything else.

Men who concentrate on the looks miss out on the other good aspects of the precious sister. When you relate with a woman beyond how she looks you get to appreciate the greatness in God’s creation. As the bible puts it, “Whoever finds a wife, finds a good thing and receives favour from God.” Beyond her looks is greatness and many good things deep in her heart. Just look at the difference many wives bring in the lives of their men when the two genuinely love each other. You will trace this in the way he dresses, his health, his performance at work and even their financial capacity.

I am not oblivious to the fact that every woman wants a stable man and every man desires a stunning woman by his000cf1a48b7f0ec5663a01 side. I however question the trend of making these two aspects the pillars of love in marriage. When you look at these two, they are hollow aspects that have no foundation and won’t keep love going for long. They are temporary aspects. He might have a good job today, but there is no assurance it will last. On the other hand he might have a small job today but tomorrow he might be a business owner.

A man who for example buys  a small plot of land worth 100k when u know his salary is about 30k, or start off a small poultry or dairy project of chicken or cow or something of the sort.  That guy is way better than the one earning 100k, driving a Subaru (as most will do) and spending more on you but has no single investment to show. Ladies, Potential means a man who is DOING something with what he has, not one has a good salary and keeps SAYING he will do, but never does.

Actually most happy couples today will tell you that people who grow their wealth together are happier than those who marry men with money; at that point you value each other more, since you grew up together.

When we focus on the temporary aspect of what he has now, we miss on the more critical consideration of his passion, his vision and more important his devotion. If we can’t go beyond the veil of how much he has, we are not able to relate with the real him. All we get to love is what he has and not who he is. Even when a man who has means genuinely loves you, one is unable to enjoy that love if the reason to be attracted to him was his money.

He might not have any investments, but perhaps your touch is what he needs to learn organize his finances better and get there. The good thing about marrying such a man is that when you base your relationship on genuine love, you can work on the money aspect as long as he is committed. She may not be caveous and ‘white’ but could be a virtuous woman.

She might not be the head turner of the estate but the warmth of her heart and care will keep your heart turning every minute of the day.

At the end of the day, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the lord will be greatly praised! – Proverbs 31:30”



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