Posted by: George Kimani | October 10, 2014

The Marriage Vow| George Kimani

A vowed love is not dependent on happiness or any of the external hallmarks of success, it is not dependent on how rich or poor a mate is. Absolute faithfulness will save your love for each other, it will keep your promise of loyalty, it will not seek comfort from a competitor, it will let no one come between you. Vows that have been kept Holy have resulted to successful and strong marriages.

A vow to God and to each other is NOT to be broken in marriage. Marriage is for life. A marriage vow is the expression of a lifelong commitment. “From this day forward” -extends throughout one’s lifetime.” Ones married you become one. “No longer will a man live his life for himself nor shall a woman live her life for herself”. This is a new union, a new family, a new unit. When Adam saw Eve, he expressed his shared identity to God and said, “This is bone of my flesh; … “they shall become one flesh”.

indexUncompromised vow leads to genuine love, heartfelt through thick and thin, till-death do- part us. A husband or wife are to love each other with the kind of unreserved love that leads them to honor each other, to esteem each other, to consider each other’s welfare above their own, and to stay by each other’s through the highs and lows, the ups and downs that come in every married life. In marriage, a man and a woman are brought into a union. They become one, blending into each other’s lives. They are one even at a time when he’s in a hotel room thousands of miles away, when she is in the pain of childbirth, when he has just lost a job, when he has received a good promotion, when she has been offered a new job. The two are one, in good and bad times.

Marital faithfulness is the fulfillment of the vow made before God and man during your wedding ceremony.  Marriage  calls for total fidelity on the part of the husband and the wife. They are to be true to each other. The man is to be faithful to his wife and so is the wife. Adultery is strictly forbidden in the Bible. It’s actually the seventh commandment given on Mt Sinai.

When God made marriage, He formed a lifelong relationship that was to find its strength and endurance in Him. Overtime, God used wisdom of His word to teach husbands and wives how to be friends with each other. In the process, He gave them an understanding of the essential building blocks to strong marriages. They are: Absolute faithfulness, unreserved love, lifelong commitment, mutual submission, sexual fulfillment, open communication, tender respect, spiritual companionship, shared identity, and well-defined roles. Both husband and wife must remember that these blocks are not man-made. They are given to us by God Himself and if you apply them or follow them then you will have a marriage that is strong and successful.

The love between a husband and a wife that grows through the years of marriage does not happen automatically with the saying of the vows or the giving of a ring. It must be worked at. Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, it does not boast, love is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it’s not easily angered, and love does not keep records of wrong, neither does it delight in evil instead love always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres and never fails.

Intimacy and mutual physical fulfilment have always been part of the husband-wife relationship. The husband and wife are to find sexual fulfillment in each other. Both husband and wife are to reserve this special intimacy for each other, and they are to give it freely. A husband and wife who maintain intimacy are helping to protect each other from a sexually obsessed society. They protect their own faithfulness. And help in keeping the vow.

Finally and perhaps most important, a Christian husband and wife should see themselves as spiritual companions. They are making a spiritual journey through life together, walking hand in hand as children of God toward the wonderful eternity with God that awaits them. What difference it makes when a marriage has a Godly husband and a dedicated wife. No one can measure how much they help each other spiritually as they travel life’s road together. Godly husband and wife worship the same God, both seek the will of God together, they are accountable to Christ, raise their children together, pray together and for each other, and encourage each other. Both draw closer to God in Prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, and submit to Christ; they will also draw closer to each other and thus enhance their romantic life.



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