Posted by: George Kimani | March 11, 2014

I love Being Home With You| George Kimani

Before I got married I used to look for movies, especially the Naija Movies, to keep me busy at home, especially on those days and weekends I was so sure we’d not meet. I remember those many days you’d call to ask if I had cooked and the answer was a sound No.

Today, our home is the place I miss to be every minute I am away. Just to be with you swirrie.  It is peaceful, relaxing and sobering. It is only in our house with you that there are no rules. It is only home, especially when with you, only then I can say anything.

A peaceful home is something many of us long for. A place where relationships are healthy and spirits are happy, where we can rest our weary bones and just be ourselves. I miss you very much and long to be with you. That moment when we wake up at 4:00am and just start sharing stories that even make us  late of our days plan, that moment when we hold hands to pray, that moment when we get couscous……..

mmEveryday, I look forward to a cossy chat with the love of my life. Getting home early, catching and sharing the day’s events from each other.  You come first after God, the reason why I do not belong to everybody but to you my dear wife. You are my priority, my number one, and so you have all my airtime and attention. Seeing you home after work is a miracle and just can’t stop thanking God for you. I long to get home, hold her hands and give her a warm hug before holding hands in prayer to the Almighty God. This truly makes a difference in my life.

Your intoxicating smile lights the room and fills the darkest dwellings with a beautiful glow that radiates from you. Your smile leaves me breathless, speechless, heart pounding, deep breath, knocking knees, and shaky hands. In other words I like your beautiful smile, your beauty from inside out. You’re very intelligent, very logical, your passion for God, determination, confidence, your inside-out beauty lives me un abated person.

Ten years ago when we first met; we were just casual friends. A friendship that grew over and over the years until we could no further live apart from another. Today I pride myself to have invested and married my best friend ever. While other married men stand in public to say that John, peter, Andrew, James are they best friends; Am the only who stands my ground that Jess- my wife is my best friend and that I long to be home  with her. This reason why I want to spend the rest of my life with my lovely queen who happens to be my wife. I love you Jess now and Forever. …

I got to stop here coz I got to attend to a client. But had meant to write more and publish this on my award winning blog………..




  1. wooooh sounds sweet, May God bless you marriage forever

  2. wow what a great tribute to your wifey.I like the part where she would can to find whether you’ve cooked and you’d give her a resounding NO haha i really relate with that ‘non-cookers’

    • Every bachelor got to go through this Sir.

  3. True love!!!

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